Gender: Female
Breed: Yellow Lab Mix
Age: 2 years
Weight: 50 lbs


With eyes that could melt the coldest heart and a playful spirit that's contagious, Twiggy is the epitome of canine beauty and charm!

Twiggy's journey hasn't been easy. Rescued from a shelter where she was slated for euthanasia her first day off of stray hold just for being skinny and with pressure sores on her rear that suggested she had been kept in a cage too long, Twiggy has always been a playful, spirited and happy girl from the day she entered our rescue!

This yellow lab isn't just your average dog—she's a social butterfly, always ready to make friends with everyone she meets. This includes dogs of every size.  From a 5 pound maltese, to a large pit bull, Twiggy loves all of her four legged friends.  When she comes face to face with a cat, she will even lean in for a sniff. And she loves giving gentle hugs to her humans and enjoys couch snuggles.

Twiggy's zest for life is infectious. She bounds around the yard with an almost flirtatious energy with her almost Disney princess-like eyes and her irresistible charm. She's a tug-of-war champion, always up for a game with her favorite toys or a romp in the yard and chasing or being chased!  But if push ever comes to shove, Twiggy is truly submissive and will roll on her back to be bossed around by any dog ranging from big pit bull to tiny, 5 pound maltese.  Twiggy’s playful antics might be lively, with play growls and hot pursuits for toys, but she is truly not looking for drama

Twiggy has the most soft and silky smooth fur just begging to be pet  and her figure has filled out to an ample, healthy weight and her sweet disposition has never waivered.  She's ready to find her forever home—a place where she can run and play to her heart's content!

Whether it's a playful wrestle and tug of war with her foster brother or a cozy snuggle session with her human, Twiggy is happiest when she's surrounded by those she loves. Even cats. Twiggy will be happiest in a home with other pets and a yard to run and play in.

But don't let her playful demeanor fool you—Twiggy is as sweet as they come. She's gentle and affectionate, with a heart of gold and a love for giving hugs that'll melt your heart.

This lovely lady is a quick learner, eager to please and motivated by treats and affection from both people and furry friends alike. She's already mastered the art of crate and house training, making her an ideal companion for any family. Twiggy is not fostered with children but she is a sweet dog who would likely be fine with children 10 and up [she has a habit of giving hugs and might overwhelm a younger child with her playful energy].

Twiggy does seem to actually fall in love with her person as much as she does with her dog friends. Her foster mom has a sense that it will be important for an adopter to continue to strike that balance of affection and independence with Twiggy so that she doesn’t forget that she is a strong and independent woman who can stand on her own four feet!

Twiggy wants to sleep in bed with her foster mom, but foster mom wants to enforce good habits so Twiggy sleeps in her crate and has a structured crate and playtime routine while foster mom works from home.  Foster mom suspects Twiggy needs an adopter who will enforce healthy boundaries so that she continues to blossom into the perfect canine companion!

Not required, but it seems Twiggy might be longing for a dog door - she's got this endearing habit of charging out into the yard and then back into the house, checking in on her human like she's on a mission, only to suddenly decide she's got a serious case of FOMO about the backyard action. But back in she comes to give you a hug.  And back out she might go to disembowel and stuffed unicorn with her best foster dog buddy as they playfully tug it back and forth and “play growl” and chase each other all over the yard.

Twiggy's got a unique way of announcing visitors—she's more of a howler than a barker! When those Amazon deliveries show up, you will be wondering about her true DNA mix - hound dog?

Are you ready to welcome Twiggy into your heart and home? She's waiting to shower you with love, laughter, reassurance and hugs.

Note about the breed: The indicated breed is our best estimate based on visual characteristics, but without a DNA test, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. However, mixed-breed dogs, lovingly known as mutts, encompass a wonderful variety of traits and are often some of the most cherished and lovable companions.

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