Gender: Male
Breed: Terrier mix
Age: 13weeks as of 4/10/20
Weight: 8 lbs as of 4/10/20


My name is Ziggy. I don’t know why my prior owner put me in a carrier and took me for a drive that night. He left me by some trash cans in a parking lot where I cried for help and someone found me. I don’t think I did anything to deserve it - all I want to do is love you. Maybe he threw me out because my eyes look different. I have what is called “cherry eye”. The vet says this is just an issue with my third eyelid, but New Hope will fix that. It’s not serious or contagious. I love to be held and love to look into your eyes for your approval. I’m smart and trainable, and will be your little shadow to keep you company while you do chores or will chew toys at your feet while you work at your desk. I’m super goofy, following foster mom into the shower and I like to sleep inside a cat tower. I hide my toys in there too. I’m easily corrected and re-directed if I’m getting into something I shouldn’t. I get very attached to my human and am one of the most loving pups you will ever meet. I will fall asleep across your chest with my head snuggled into our neck while you are binge watching Netflix. If I think there is a threat at the door, I will also let you know - I will be your guardian angel. My favorite things are toys and snuggles! And I really want to be friends with cats, but they won’t play with me. I have also been fostered with dogs of all sizes. If you are interested in adopting me, the rescue will arrange for you to foster me until the procedure on my eye procedure is complete.


To find out more about this friendly breed, see American Kennel's description of the Golden Labs

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