Sex: Male
Breed: French & American Bulldog/Staffy Mix
Age: 2 years old
Weight: 67 lbs


Meet Ace, (short for Wallace Bartholomew Kensington, esq.) the irresistibly stout goofball with a larger-than-life noggin! He has recently found sanctuary with a trainer who provides him with the confidence, stability, predictability and structure he craves. Since finding his haven, Ace has blossomed into a thriving companion, revealing his playful and affectionate side that is just a lover of laps, plush squid toys and ear rubs!

Don't be fooled by his 60+ lb stature; Ace is a sensitive soul, who firmly believes he's a lap dog, ready to snuggle up whenever you are. Ace is also house-trained and appreciates the sanctuary of his crate when it's time to unwind. Initially, he demonstrates some barrier reactivity until he knows he can trust you - his trainer will show you the way to help overcome his initial fear when he adjusts to his new home. It really only takes about 3 days. We promise, we will walk hand in hand with you on your Journey with Ace! He’s worth it!

Though he's affectionately known as a bit of a "trash panda" for his occasional dumpster-diving tendencies [a consistent crate routine fixes that!] and he loves his plush squeaky toys and Benebones, which just confirm he is a fun loving and mischievous pup at heart (and that he knows what he’s allowed to chew on)!

Ace is an eager student who knows Sit, Stay, Come, Shake, Lay Down, and even Roll Over! His trainer is teaching him to walk nicely on a leash, as well as “place” (his trainer's favorite tool!) He's enthusiastic about life and trainable, especially if there are tasty rewards involved (he is such a foodie!).

With proper introductions (which we always recommend), he gets along fine with other dogs. So far we have not seen him initiate play with the resident dogs (who are much larger) but we have seen him play with another bully in a different home. He will hang out with them and relax with them though! Ace has even lived with cats and older kids (age 9+). He’s been great in big crowds and is a favorite everywhere he goes (especially if there is brisket involved).

He’s definitely a stage-5 clinger, and prefers to be with his people as much as possible. His trainer says she has to be careful when stepping out of the bathroom, and refers to him as a speed bump, because he’s always there waiting, up against the door when she steps out.

When Ace was saved from euthanasia at a shelter, he was a bit of an unknown. There are signs that he’s been treated poorly in his past, and we’ve worked hard to support him and figure out who he really is under that big bully body. We’ve found that some folks make assumptions about who he is based on his appearance, but he has turned out to be a marshmallow. He does best with people who treat him with love and kindness. We’ve seen him flinch, and even submissive pee, from raised voices. He is an easy-going boy who just wants to please. He’s a chill, easy-going guy who deserves a chill, easy-going future.

Ace's progress is a testament to the support he's received from a dedicated trainer and a generous training sponsor who believed in his potential. Now, Ace is ready to find a forever home with someone who is committed to his ongoing growth.

He's seeking a generally calm household with a confident, caring, leader, where he can flourish in an environment free from the unpredictable. Like any individual who's faced uncertainty, Ace deserves the peace and security of a stable home where he can truly trust his humans have it all under control and he can just enjoy being the puppy he is at heart! Ace's ideal forever home would be with someone who loves him for who he is and is dedicated to helping him feel comfortable, confident, and secure in the world around him. Ace would prefer that his people never leave the house without him (good thing he’s well behaved in public!) but he does just fine when he’s left in a secure crate during the day as well.

Get ready for a lifetime of love, laughs, surprises and lap takeovers with Ace!


Note about the breed: The indicated breed is our best estimate based on visual characteristics, but without a DNA test, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. However, mixed-breed dogs, lovingly known as mutts, encompass a wonderful variety of traits and are often some of the most cherished and lovable companions.

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