Brigett – ADOPTED


Gender: Female
Breed: Blackmouth Curr
Age: 10 weeks
Weight: 18 lbs


I was turned into a shelter through no fault of my own. I’m a really good puppy! I’m fostered with kids, dogs and cats. I’m submissive and want to get along with everyone and haven’t barked so far. I am a puppy so I do have energy, but my foster mom grades me at a “medium level”. I’m already 18 lbs so there is lots of me to love!


Black Mouth Cur is a rugged herding, hunting, and all around working dog. They are fearless, kind, loyal, active, trainable, and protective.

If trained properly, they are very social, however intruders beware, as Black Mouth Cur are protective. They are also sensitive dogs that are attuned to their master's voice. So sensitive, positive and consistent approach is recommended over heavy handedness when training.

Since they were bred to be working dogs, Black Mouth Cur must have access to several hours of interaction and exercise daily to avoid anxiety and depression.

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