Gender: Female
Breed: Pit Mix
Age: 7 years
Weight: 40 lbs


Meet Carmen, the survivor with a heart of gold. Carmen's journey began in a heartbreaking situation, where she was discovered during a welfare check alone in a home with her deceased owner, without food or water. Sadly, this led her to a shelter where her life hung in the balance due to limited space.

But Carmen's fate took a remarkable turn when her foster mom recognized her untapped potential. She brought Carmen into her home, and since then, this incredible dog has been on a journey of healing and transformation.

In her foster home, Carmen has blossomed into a loving and affectionate companion. While she may appear shy at first, she quickly forms deep bonds and will eagerly show her affection by rubbing against you and showering you with kisses.

Carmen is a well-behaved walker who doesn't pull on the leash. However, she sometimes displays signs of anxiety during walks, likely just due to a lack of exposure to walks in the past, which her foster mom is diligently working on to boost her confidence outside of the home.

She is incredibly sweet and affectionate, often busy giving kisses and seeking out her foster mom's attention. Carmen becomes strongly attached to her foster mom, so it's recommended that if she goes to a two-person home, both individuals should share in her care responsibilities. She's a loving companion who enjoys sitting beside her humans and being close.

Carmen is a fantastic communicator, and her tail wags enthusiastically when she hears voices from afar. She's a bit of a flight risk outside, so a secure yard is essential.

Carmen has thick and sturdy paw pads, suggesting she might not have had the opportunity to explore the outdoors much in the past. She can get overly excited and may display nippy behavior, although she lacks teeth. Carmen will thrive best in a single-family home with a secure yard.

On the positive side, Carmen is incredibly affectionate, cuddly, and adores human interaction. She enjoys spending time on the floor and can sleep comfortably in an open crate in the bedroom. When her foster parents are not home, she willingly rests in her crate with the door open.

Carmen also has a few favorite treats, including greenies and frozen Kongs with dried treats inside. She enjoys playing with toys without destructive tendencies, making her a delightful and well-mannered housemate.

Her vet believes Carmen has had a challenging past, likely lacking in exercise and care. She would thrive in a calm home with patient and experienced owners who understood her unique needs. Carmen is a survivor who deserves a loving forever home where she can continue her journey of healing and find the happiness she truly deserves. Are you ready to be a part of Carmen's heartwarming story?

Note about the breed: The indicated breed is our best estimate based on visual characteristics, but without a DNA test, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. However, mixed-breed dogs, lovingly known as mutts, encompass a wonderful variety of traits and are often some of the most cherished and lovable companions.

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