Gender: Female
Breed: Pit Mix
Age: 20 weeks
Weight:  20 lbs [45-58 full grown]


Cleo is an adorable low-rider, brilliant problem solver and a lot of fun to have around!  This smart girl will even ring a bell to let you know she needs to go out to potty.

Cleo is funny, sweet and super curious so she wants to know what you're up to at all times. If you're in a different room, she'll come in to check in on you and then will go back to playing with her toys and entertaining herself. And with shorter legs, she might climb onto a table to get a better view of what you are doing. She loves doing zoomies in the backyard and exploring. She also enjoys playing fetch and rooting around in the grass.

While she can happily entertain herself with her toys, she will want to snuggle up to you while you binge watch your favorite show!

She is fully potty trained and will ring the bell at the back door to let you know she needs to be let out and she currently sleeps from about 11pm – 7/8am.

Cleo puts herself in her crate during the day when she's tired and is ready to rest with her crate door left open. She doesn't love to go into her crate when her foster leaves but is pretty quick to settle down and go to sleep. With continued positive crate training, she will be a pro soon!

Cleo is still very much a puppy, so can get into puppy mischief like chewing your favorite shoe if given the opportunity, but her foster mom says she can be easily corrected and redirected towards her own toys.  Like any puppy, she is a bit mouthy but again with a reminder she'll just play bite gently. She will also jump for hugs, so will do best in a home with older children. While not required, she would love to have a dog friend to play and run around with.   She loves the neighbor dogs and is always wagging her tail when she sees them.

She has high, puppy energy when she's “on” but she will also happy to snuggle up next to you and nap in between spurts of energy. Cleo has gotten really good at entertaining herself during the day and learning not to be completely reliant on her foster mom.

Not to brag, but she already knows some commands:


-Down for getting into a lying position on the floor

-Brings ball/toy back during fetch and knows "leave it" means to drop it

-Leave it command to get her to stop chewing on something she isn't supposed to

-working on Come and Stay


Fun Facts about Cleo:
*She loves puzzles

*She likes to hide under the bed when you're busy

*She loves to steal your shoes

*She has to be touching you at all times if she's sleeping next to you

*She loves giving you kisses

*She's REALLY smart

*She can recognize when there's a picture of a dog on TV and she goes nuts - LOL!

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