Gender: Male
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Heeler Mix
Age: 2 years old
Weight:  50 lbs


Handsome Reed hasn't met you yet but he’s already in love with you!  Reed is such a cheerful pup that will greet the day alongside you with enthusiasm and will end the day with his little bedtime wiggles that usually end with spooning with his human.

There is nothing not to love about this sweet boy who is fostered with dogs of all sizes and kitties.  He wants to be everyone’s best friend and has tolerated being bossed around by a 70 lb pitty, a 10 lb terrier mix and some bossy cat friends. He is highly trainable and wants to please you, quickly modifying his behavior if your tone expresses you are the least bit displeased with him. He loves his toys and his dog bed! His foster mom has left him alone uncrated, and his worst offense so far is rearranging the dog beds to be to his liking but he did not chew them up.

Reed can be active and playful but he can also Netflix and chill but would enjoy an active owner who would let him join along on walks and hikes.

His fur is thinned out due to neglect before entering our rescue but it’s growing back and he will be even more handsome than he is now. He  is heartworm positive but this is not a threat to other animals in your home and his treatment will be paid for by the rescue through our vet in Austin TX.  So don’t let that be a reason you delay applying for him!

He’s such a wonderful pup and a “foster fail” temptation but his foster mom knows deep down that sweet Reed is meant to be YOUR most loyal friend and cherished companion.