Gender: Male
Breed: Lab/Pit mix
Age: 10 years old
Weight:  60 lbs


Chip’s story breaks our hearts. Chip entered the shelter as a “stray”. The couple that brought him in said they had him for a night and he’s a sweet dog. On their way out, they turned to him and said “hope you find your owner!”. With research done on the microchip to find his owner, it would be determined that his owners were in fact the people who brought him to the shelter. We named him Chip because his “microCHIP” told the real story. Further research would show that this couple recently brought home a new dog shortly before bringing Chip to the shelter. So it appears that it was a matter of "out with the old and in with the new"! Dogs like Chip are not disposable and this sweet dog deserves a calm home to live out his golden years. Chip lived with several other small dogs in his prior life. In his foster home, he has ignored the cats and other dogs. Chip is house trained and doesn’t require much of you- well maybe a little boost to get into bed so he can lay by your side. Chip LOVES pets and belly rubs, and really seems to enjoy exploring and sniffing on our quick walks.  He just wants to feel safe, loved and have a quiet, low traffic home for his long naps. If you have a heart for seniors like we do, we would love for you to apply to meet sweet Chip! He has lots of love to offer for many years to come.