Gender: Male
Breed: Terrier Mix
Age: 5 months old
Weight: 13 lbs


Prepare to be smitten by the irresistible charm of Neo! This lovable boy is a true heart-stealer who captures the affection of everyone he meets. Neo's loving nature shines through as he adores cuddles and cherishes the company of his humans. Falling in love with Neo is as easy as can be!

Neo has proven to be a fantastic companion for kids, cats, and small dogs, demonstrating his social and adaptable personality. Whether he's playing with his feline friends, frolicking with his canine buddies, or sharing joyful moments with children, Neo's gentle and friendly demeanor always shines through.

When it comes to bedtime, Neo is a cuddle aficionado who loves nothing more than snuggling up in bed with his human. He finds comfort and solace in the warmth of your presence, making him the perfect bedtime buddy. Neo's enthusiasm for playtime knows no bounds, as he gleefully engages with all types of toys. However, his true passion lies in chasing balls, providing endless entertainment and fun for both of you.

Neo's calm and composed nature is one of his many endearing qualities. He loves to be by your side, following you around with loyalty and devotion. His favorite spot is nestled under your arm, relishing the comfort of your presence and the warmth of your affection. Neo's caring nature was evident when his foster mom experienced an injury and yelped in pain. In a heartbeat, Neo expressed his concern by gently placing his face on her shoulder, offering reassurance and displaying an incredibly heart-melting moment of tenderness.

If you're seeking a devoted and affectionate companion, Neo is the perfect match for you. With his charming personality and unwavering love, he will bring immeasurable joy and companionship into your life. Open your heart and home to Neo, and together you'll embark on a journey filled with love, happiness, and endless snuggles.