Collaborating to save lives – Adoption Event 7/15 to 7/17



In-Person Adoption Event to Take Place at Local PetSmart Store July 15-17

July 1, 2022 – Austin, TX — Each year, more than five million pets enter animal shelters in need of loving homes. New Hope Animal Rescue and Bastrop County Animal Shelter are proud to partner with PetSmart Charities to bring adoptable pets to the Sunset Valley PetSmart in support of National Adoption Week, taking place July 11 – 17, 2022.

National Adoption Week coincides with kitten season. It’s a time following peak breeding activity for cats, and many shelters are flooded with scores of kittens in need of loving homes.  Both New Hope Animal Rescue and Bastrop County Animal Shelter will be bringing cats and kittens, as well as dogs to the three-day in-person adoption event taking place July 15-17 at the Sunset Valley PetSmart on Brodie Lane from 12pm to 4pm.  

During the in-store event, New Hope Animal Rescue and Bastrop County Animal shelter invite potential pet parents to meet adoptable pets in their area. Opportunities will be given to spend time with animals in need of loving homes. Staff and volunteers will help potential adopters learn about caring for a pet and the types of tools, products and services they may need.

“Being a rural, open-intake shelter, PetSmart Charities National Adoption Week events are truly invaluable in helping us find great homes for our shelter pets and pets in foster care. We likely would not be able to remain at admirable adoption ratios without these large, off-site adoption events,” said Wendy Ballard, Rescue Coordinator for Bastrop County Animal Shelter.

“This event comes at a pivotal time for homeless pets as shelters continue to be flooded with kittens and dogs. As a foster-based rescue with no physical shelter, PetSmart Charities National Adoption Week is an amazing opportunity to bring our adoptable pets from private foster homes to meet potential pet parents at PetSmart. This comes at a crucial time because open intake shelters like Bastrop County Animal Shelter need our help to save more. When you adopt a pet from us, you save two lives, the pet you are adopting and the pet we can now save because you have freed up a spot in a foster home or PetSmart adoption center,” said Kelley Rice, Director of New Hope Animal Rescue.


Adoptable pets will be available to meet in person at the following times and PetSmart location:

July 15-17
12pm – 4pm
5207 Brodie Lane, Sunset Valley TX

To view available pets for adoption, please visit:


Ginny's  Success Story thanks to PetSmart Charities Adoption Event:

They say the third time's a charm but for Ginny, it was her fourth time! Finding herself in the Bastrop County Animal Shelter 4 different times, none of which were her fault. The shelter took her to a PetSmart Charities adoption event and the PERFECT family adopted her. It was simply meant to be and without PetSmart available for their rural shelter to host adoption events, her dreams may have not come true!

Here are just a couple of the amazing pets who will be attending the in-person event:

Nippet, who is named after an Ewok, and her 3 siblings were rescued by New Hope Animal Rescue from the Killeen Animal Shelter as bottle baby puppies.

They had been found abandoned on the side of the road without mom in site at just two weeks old. Nippet’s 3 siblings were all adopted, but Nippet is still in a New Hope Animal Rescue foster home.  Larger breeds and black dogs — including puppies — are often less likely to be noticed and often take longer to find homes. Nippet is now going on 4 ½ months old.  The rescue is hoping that this event will give Nippet the extra exposure she needs to get adopted. She will be attending the in-person event on Saturday, July 16. Nippet is a smart, sweet and highly trainable puppy who loves other dogs, children and swimming! While her breed mix is unknown, New Hope Animal Rescue suspects she is a Great Pyrenees mix.

NippetNippet with siblings

Nippet splashing in a pool:

Wesley wants you to know a secret.

Wesley the catBlack cats are the best cats! Wesley and 13 other kittens were found on the side of a road in a box and brought to a local, rural shelter. They were all later rescued by New Hope Animal Rescue. It’s kitten season and sadly, this is a common story.  Wesley and his siblings are excited to attend the PetSmart Charities National Adoption Week in-person event and are grateful for PetSmart Charities for assisting with funding for vet care to prepare them for adoption. Six of Wesley’s siblings are also black, and Wesley wants you to know that black cats are often overlooked in favor of more colorful cats. Wesley and his siblings are grateful for the opportunity to meet you in-person to show you their colorful personalities! Wesley looks forward to your pets, cuddles and kisses.

About New Hope Animal Rescue NFP

New Hope Animal Rescue (NHAR) is an all-breed dog and cat foster-based rescue in Austin, Texas. We save the lives of dogs and cats that are at risk of being killed in shelters. Whether an animal has been discarded or overlooked due to age, breed or health status, we provide the medical care and emotional rehabilitation needed prior to adoption. We also encourage our community to play a role in reducing shelter overcrowding by educating around the importance of spaying and neutering beloved pets. Our rescued cats currently occupy adoption centers at three Austin area PetSmarts.


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About Bastrop County Animal Services:

The Bastrop County Animal Shelter is a Public Service organization and “Open Intake Facility”- meaning that all dogs and cats within the County as well as those that are picked up by the City Animal Control Officers for Bastrop, Elgin and Smithville are housed here. We do our best to find adoptive homes and work with rescues to save as many animals as possible. Our “Open Intake” status prevents us from being “No Kill” as a policy, but we strive to remain “Low Kill” and typically have near “No Kill” save rates. The animal shelter is open to adoptions and owned animal surrenders during normal business hours.

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