Pie Pie


Gender: Female
Breed: Pit Bull
Age: 1 year old
Weight: 58 lbs



**Introducing Pie Pie: The Irresistible Sweetheart**

From the moment you meet her, Pie Pie exudes sweetness and charm. The name that started as foster mom’s term of endearment, "Pie Pie' just perfectly captures her goofy, playful and endearing nature.

Pie Pie is on a mission to steal your heart with her eagerness to please and lavish affection. One of her favorite pastimes is lounging on her back, legs splayed out, providing her foster mom with endless amusement during work hours. With a penchant for making others laugh, Pie Pie is a true comedic gem.

She's not just a goofball; Pie Pie is also a master of posing for selfies, especially when twinning with her foster mom in readers as they practice french accents or will drop in as a surprise and uninvited guest of a zoom call.

But don't let her love for selfies, comfort and lounging fool you; Pie Pie is also a lover of outdoor adventures, particularly yard zoomies and leisurely walks. With her crate and potty training already mastered, Papaya is a well-behaved companion and she will even sit before you feed her.

Treats and chewies are the key to Pie Pie's heart, and she'll eagerly work for you to earn them! And don’t be fooled by her tough looks, her favorite toy is a white unicorn stuffy that she is often found posing with "looking all innocent" as she lets out one of her hilariously feminine sounding toots that actually do not see to smell.

While she's selective about canine companionship, Pie Pie actually loves and very much enjoys short interactions with some other dogs. You can tell immediately who she likes, especially her new big crush Saint who she is fostered with who she seems to be crushing on extra hard; eagerly rubbing her body against her crate to get closer to him and licking his mouth through the crate - he is the only dog allowed to march in while she is crated and steel her toys.

These moments can be heartbreaking, revealing Pie Pie's complex nature, showcasing both her capacity and desire for canine affection and her need for safe interaction, which her foster mom does attempt to provide through controlled and safe settings.

Extended interactions with other dogs will lead to misunderstandings, making it necessary for Pie Pie to be the sole pet in the household. While Pie Pie may have a crush on the boyish Saint and has enjoyed some positive interactions with safe guards in place, ensuring not only his but also Pie Pie's safety and happiness remains our top priority. Thankfully, Pie Pie has demonstrated her boundless love for humans and will be thrive as your only pet!

Pie Pie's intelligence shines through as she quickly grasps new concepts. She would love to go to a home where she can continue to build her skills - she is super smart, treat motivated and eager to please! House and crate trained and adaptable, Pie Pie has learned to use washable pads during longer absences. Miss dainty "tiny tank" likes to go out about every 3-4 hours [max]!

She's a wiggle butt, a lover, and a snuggle enthusiast who craves nothing more than a home filled with humans to love on. With the affection of ten dogs to offer, Pie Pie promises to fill your life with endless joy and companionship.

Though she has adapted to living mostly in her foster mom's office to provide a comfortable space for her away from other pets, Pie Pie dreams of a home of her and humans of her very own! Resilient and full of love, Pie Pie is ready to embark on her next adventure with a forever family who will cherish her unconditionally.

Pie Pie's ideal home would resemble a haven tailored to her unique qualities and needs. Picture a spacious yard enclosed by a tall and secure fence, where she can unleash her energy or just sun herself while supervised by her human companions. In this loving environment, Pie Pie would thrive alongside adults or adults and teenagers who appreciate her affectionate nature and goofy antics.

As she dreams of chasing squirrels and enjoying outdoor adventures, her ideal home would be a sanctuary free of other pets to ensure her comfort and safety. While apartment living might be an option with the right owner who can provide necessary exercise as well as the training she needs for when she does encounter those specific dogs that do trigger reactivity, Pie Pie's honestly just heart yearns for a space where she can truly spread her wings and be cherished for the amazing dog she is.

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