Gender: Male
Breed: Shih Tzu
Age: 13 years old
Weight:  12 lbs


Woolly will wiggle his way into your heart! His love language is physical touch (also treats!), so he gets really wiggly with excitement when you give him scratches and rubs. And there is nothing better than his adorable, goofy face that will always put a smile on yours!

Woolly is a very even-tempered boy who really enjoys wandering around and sniffing outside or curling up in his favorite spot for a snooze and a big snore. When invited, he loves to lay on the couch to cuddle his human.

While he gets startled easily due to his vision and hearing impairments, his foster manages this easily by just waiving her hand in front of his good eye first to let him know she’s about to interact with him. He learns his way around fairly quickly and gets around well on his own and loves exploring!