Zander’s Story

Zander was a long stay dog at a kill shelter. While he stood out to volunteers due to his amazing hugs, his chances of finding his forever home were hindered due to his heart worm status and injured leg. Imagine 6 months in a kennel going on one or two bathroom breaks a day if lucky. Zander loved human affection and it broke our hearts every time we took him out for a walk and had to put him back in his kennel. Zander was our inspiration to form New Hope Animal Rescue. We gave him a shelter break over a Christmas holiday and we didn’t look back! We started fundraising for his heart worm treatment and surgery and found him placement with an amazing medical foster.

Zander no longer sleeps on a hard, cold shelter floor. He spends his evenings spooning his new mom and stealing the covers from his new dad. He adores his new human siblings, but is often caught embracing the family cat who enjoys licking Zander’s head.

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